Welcome to my page!

I am a Trauma Survivor, Animal Advocate, Wife, Former Binge Eater Turned Health and Fitness Coach!

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

So many of us are so busy taking care of everything and everyone else is our lives we forget about ourselves. I am here to help you achieve your live long business, health and fitness goals! This isn’t a quick fix or a fad diet. As a recovering binge eater and diet pill addict I have tried EVERY SINGLE ONE and they do not work. It’s about eating the right foods and exercise. I hope you will join me and finally see the results you are looking for!

Fill out an application to get started with your Health and Fitness Journey or Email me at FitResQ@gmail.com and let’s get started!

I am a Traumatic Injury Survivor, Animal Advocate, Wife, Rainbow Baby Momma-to-Be, Lover of Happiness and Recovering Binge Eater and Diet Pill Addict turned Health and Fitness Coach.

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Well friends this is what my walks look like these days. Two pups, a stroller and a fake baby 😂

Neighbors may think we are crazy but we are doing all we can to prep for Baby M's arrival. I'm happy to report both dogs are walking well with the stroller 🐶

Anyone else do this?
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Just sitting here 'working' on a Friday night, I gotta tell you it doesn't feel like work when you are the boss, love what you do and make your own hours.

I'm reviewing the amazing results of my challengers from our BRAND NEW program's test group and these inches lost, lbs lost and muscle gained continue to BLOW ME AWAY. Many of our challengers lost 10+ lbs in these 3 weeks! No wraps, no pills and no crash diets. Eating real food and yes there are carbs!, drinking their superfoods and working out from home 25-45 mins a day.

I made these challengers check in with me every week for accountability AND I was doing the program along with them and checking in for my own accountability because I need that too!

As I was going over these amazing results it occurred to me that many people don't know what the heck I do as a coach or what a challenge group is...sooooo my team and I are putting together a little free info session about it for next week, stay tuned.

Just gonna be sitting here doing what I love, helping people and playing #girlboss tonight

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Love these for pregnancy! 10 seconds is the average time you push for so these holds help prep 🙌 ... See MoreSee Less

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