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I am a Trauma Survivor, Animal Advocate, Wife, Former Binge Eater Turned Health and Fitness Coach!

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

So many of us are so busy taking care of everything and everyone else is our lives we forget about ourselves. I am here to help you achieve your live long business, health and fitness goals! This isn’t a quick fix or a fad diet. As a recovering binge eater and diet pill addict I have tried EVERY SINGLE ONE and they do not work. It’s about eating the right foods and exercise. I hope you will join me and finally see the results you are looking for!

Fill out an application to get started with your Health and Fitness Journey or Email me at FitResQ@gmail.com and let’s get started!

Sweet 16 today! My little girl is 16 weeks. Where did the time go?!

We are spending more time learning to sit up, smiling and ‘talking’. I seriously wish I knew what she was trying to say!
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First workout of my brand new 80 day program did not go as planned. Michelle was being grumpy so I had to pause a few times and at one point we were doing an ab move with some weights so I grabbed her instead. A solid 15 lb smiling weight was a good challenge 😍

Someone commented yesterday they didn’t know how I had time for all of this. I don’t have time, I make time and I make it work. Even if that means my daughter becomes my weight 😂

And for those of you asking the test group with the program creator Autumn Calabrese is closed. I did have someone snag my last spot last night ❤️
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How many years have you said...
"This is the year I am going to get in shape"
"This is the year I am going to start working out"
"This is the year I am going to lose weight"
"This is the year I am going to be comfortable at the beach"

What if this was the LAST YEAR you said that? What is next year you said...
"This is the year I am going to continue being fit and healthy as part of my lifestyle"

I cannot help you if you want a quick fix, pill or crash diet. As a recovering binge eater and diet pill addict, I KNOW all about wanting those things but those are not long term solutions and they aren't healthy. They may move the scale for a bit but that's about it.

BUT if you are looking to change your lifestyle and make this the year that you commit to living a healthier life, I CAN help you!

Today is the LAST DAY (the final 3 hours hours actually lol) as we launch our BRAND NEW 80 Day Program Tomorrow to join us in the test group with the program's creator AND save some extra $. PLUS you get me as you coach doing the program WITH you and helping you every step of the way!

Shoot me a message or drop your fave emoji below and let's do this!
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Please help me welcome this gorgeous lady to the team!

Laura and I have been working together a few months, she decided to try our amazing NETFLEX totally free 💪 and decided to all in. She is ALREADY helping people start their journey and took advantage of our amazing abs and booty program sale that ends today!

So excited to have you!!!
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