Do You Want to Live Life By Design?

I have created a “pay it forward” business, centered around helping others AND helping ourselves. We share our personal journeys, play on social media, grow from the INSIDE out, travel, celebrate, and build business that have the potential to provide beautiful lifestyles. It’s up to US, and what we want out of life, and the sky is truly the limit.

Do you want to

  • Work from home?
  • Set your own hours?
  • Own your own business?
  • Work with a company with no glass ceiling? Many of our top coaches earn six-figure incomes
  • Get in the best shape of your life?
  • Help friends and family

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1 Red- 8 egg whites
1 green- chopped bell peppers and onions
1 blue - shredded Mexican Cheese
And a dash of pico!!
A tsp of taco sauce

"This is not punishment! Think of food as fuel!" - Chris Downing

Starting my day with epic epic amounts of yum!
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It's #transformationtuesday and I had to share one of my challengers results!!

Can we talk about these amazing results Megan had from June 9 to July 22?! 6 weeks!!! She posted this picture in our private accountability group and I was BLOWN AWAY!

Megan covered the group for me and coached everyone when I was busy in New Orleans and she's a natural. So inspirational and motivating. Thanks girl!!!

She said...and I quote 'Forever thankful for these at home workouts! Wish I would have had faith in them sooner instead of wasting hours in the gym!' Me too...
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Conquered Day 2 of this BRAND NEW program this morning and I got to pick up my weights! This was my FAVORITE resistance workout I have ever done from any of our programs!
❤️It was 25 mins
❤️Form was demonstrated properly and emphasized which is perfect for both beginners and advanced
❤️Chris was so motivating and I never once felt bad about having to modify because it felt like he was RIGHT there cheering me on

Now in total transparency I do not LOVE every program or product we offer. I share with you guys what I do love but some of it just isn't my jam. And that's ok, I'm a person who is sharing what she loves and what works for her not some robot sales person. I hear from people all the time that they could never do what I do because they are not good at sales. Well if you had to be good at sales to be a good coach, I wouldn't still be here. I am terrible at sales and you will notice I never post stock photos or a link to purchase. I share my story, what has worked for me and talk to people about what I can do to help. That's what coaching is all about.
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Doug and I kicked off our brand new program this morning at 6:30am. And yes, I'm doing it WITH him. Meals a prepped and we're ready to rock these next 3 weeks!

He is going to showcase physical results. And while I'm not going to physical results (duh!) I know that working out and eating healthy makes me and my growing baby feel amazing.

Plus I have CHANGED my whole being with this journey. This inner change is due in part to joining an incredible and supportive team that cheers in your victories and is a shoulder in your struggles.

Yes I can always not do a workout or eat that fried chicken (I had enough of that in New Orleans) because I have an excuse, I'm growing a human. But why feel like crap?! Why have no energy?! Yep, I'm eating some extra calories for the babe and modifying the workouts but I'm doing it. Because my body is amazing and I am thankful that I can!

You are worth the effort and worth the investment in yourself.

Who's #gettingshiftfaced with us?!
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So in love with this new fitness and nutrition program that I'm looking for 10 people who have weight to lose and want to try it FREE for two weeks with Doug and I starting this week!

For 14 days you get:
-Workouts, 25-35 mins a day from your home with a modifier if needed
-Meal plans, exactly what to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day with recipes and flexibility
-Private Support Group to check in and track your workouts and nutrition
-Chance to win your share of $2000 at end of each week just by posting and staying accountable


Want a spot? Drop me an emoji below to shoot me a note <3
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