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#wcw goes out for my gorgeous friend Melissa.

About a year ago she started her journey to live a healthy life! Like me, she had tried every fad, pill and crash diet. She was ready for forever change!

A few months ago, life happened and Melissa fell off a bit because that’s what happens. But she didn’t fail because she didn’t quit! She took the time she needed and she JUMPED back in!

She is CRUSHING our newest ab and booty program, I mean doesn’t she look amazing?!

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I have an immediate opening in my organization that needs to be filled ASAP.

What the heck does this mean?! Well, it basically means you get the opportunity to transfer into a spot in my downline with a team below it; a team that has been growing and changing lives for 3+ years.

This is a spot that should be taken seriously and I’ll help you understand the business, how to help and serve others using our amazing catalogue of products and how to help you reach your financial goals.

I’m looking for a LEADER. Someone who will take initiative and understand the tremendous value of this placement. I have been building under this spot for 6+ months so it’s ready for someone who wants to come in and build a team of their own to take advantage of the team built under them!

So who’s ready to JUMP in! I’ll be reviewing applications below and serious inquiries only 👇

*open to people who have never been a coach before*
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Going to be featuring more of my healthy eats because I need to be accountable for ME!

This is bomb.com buffalo chicken casserole. It’s gluten free, grain free dairy free, low carb and paleo! Checks all the boxes ✔️✔️✔️

Step by step recipe on my Instagram stories @jilliansfitresq
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