Meet Bruce

Bruce Took Control of His Health and Got His Diabetes Under Control

“My adventure began in the beginning of August 2015. Conversations about the programs started months ahead of that. I was around 250 pounds. I had been lifting weights but not in shape and was not losing weight. But all the while my Doctor appointments would keep getting progressively worse. I would go monthly and he would keep upping my medications. I was getting frustrated but didn’t change. My friend who later became my Beachbody coach had talked to me about this for months, we would talk about it then I would stop talking about it. My friend kept being patient with me and telling me I know this product will work for you. I would consider then would back off. Then in July after another doctor appointment, he wanted to up my medicine again, I had it. I was having poor doctors’ visits he kept upping my Lantus and oral medications. So after months of talking with my family and my friends I decided I have nothing to lose!

Now after 4 months, my medicine is cut in half, I have lost numerous inches and around 20 pounds. I had my first blood test since beginning the program. The results are in from my last blood test. My cholesterol went from 190 to 129, my triglycerides went from 339 to 136 and A1C dropped by over 2.5 points. My Doctor told me to keep it up and even cancelled my next appointment.

21 Day FIx and Shakeology have worked wonders for me. I am healthier, happier, and have more energy. At first it wasn’t easy planning all my meals, using the containers, and figuring out how many containers I could use for the day. After about a week, it became much easier and now it’s a habit. The biggest change, too, is when I go out to dinner. I am more aware of what I put in my mouth. I also have learned to plan the containers for those restaurant meals. I also try and figure out ahead of time what I will be eating at a restaurant. Hardly a week goes by that people have asked me about my exercise routine. I learned that if I make myself a priority, then the rest falls into place. I work out 6 days a week after school. On the 7th day I stretch or just take a simple walk. My wife and daughter keep me going. Their encouragement has been the biggest key to my success. My wife has now been inspired to join in the quest, and has decided to join me!

I have continued to gain confidence in myself. I am a teacher and was nominated for teacher of the year for this year in my school. Our building is a two story building and I used to be out of breath, climbing the stairs, not anymore!! There is a group of us that get together every afternoon and exercise. It keeps me motivated. Beachbody has changed my life.”

It's #transformationtuesday and I had to share one of my challengers results!!

Can we talk about these amazing results Megan had from June 9 to July 22?! 6 weeks!!! She posted this picture in our private accountability group and I was BLOWN AWAY!

Megan covered the group for me and coached everyone when I was busy in New Orleans and she's a natural. So inspirational and motivating. Thanks girl!!!

She said...and I quote 'Forever thankful for these at home workouts! Wish I would have had faith in them sooner instead of wasting hours in the gym!' Me too...
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Conquered Day 2 of this BRAND NEW program this morning and I got to pick up my weights! This was my FAVORITE resistance workout I have ever done from any of our programs!
❤️It was 25 mins
❤️Form was demonstrated properly and emphasized which is perfect for both beginners and advanced
❤️Chris was so motivating and I never once felt bad about having to modify because it felt like he was RIGHT there cheering me on

Now in total transparency I do not LOVE every program or product we offer. I share with you guys what I do love but some of it just isn't my jam. And that's ok, I'm a person who is sharing what she loves and what works for her not some robot sales person. I hear from people all the time that they could never do what I do because they are not good at sales. Well if you had to be good at sales to be a good coach, I wouldn't still be here. I am terrible at sales and you will notice I never post stock photos or a link to purchase. I share my story, what has worked for me and talk to people about what I can do to help. That's what coaching is all about.
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Doug and I kicked off our brand new program this morning at 6:30am. And yes, I'm doing it WITH him. Meals a prepped and we're ready to rock these next 3 weeks!

He is going to showcase physical results. And while I'm not going to physical results (duh!) I know that working out and eating healthy makes me and my growing baby feel amazing.

Plus I have CHANGED my whole being with this journey. This inner change is due in part to joining an incredible and supportive team that cheers in your victories and is a shoulder in your struggles.

Yes I can always not do a workout or eat that fried chicken (I had enough of that in New Orleans) because I have an excuse, I'm growing a human. But why feel like crap?! Why have no energy?! Yep, I'm eating some extra calories for the babe and modifying the workouts but I'm doing it. Because my body is amazing and I am thankful that I can!

You are worth the effort and worth the investment in yourself.

Who's #gettingshiftfaced with us?!
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So in love with this new fitness and nutrition program that I'm looking for 10 people who have weight to lose and want to try it FREE for two weeks with Doug and I starting this week!

For 14 days you get:
-Workouts, 25-35 mins a day from your home with a modifier if needed
-Meal plans, exactly what to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day with recipes and flexibility
-Private Support Group to check in and track your workouts and nutrition
-Chance to win your share of $2000 at end of each week just by posting and staying accountable


Want a spot? Drop me an emoji below to shoot me a note <3
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I have never been prouder to be a Health and Fitness Coach. Ever. And this is coming from someone that has experienced all the highs and lows of building a business like this. It takes guts to do this. And it takes a whole lotta heart and conviction. As we are just back from our amazing Coach Summit I want to share what I learned.

A business that can marry YOUR health and fitness and a secondary income is the ultimate blessing. This weekend it dawned on me that we have the best solution to not only impact a WILD epidemic of obesity in the USA, Canada and soon to be U.K. but also allow families to have experiences they could only dream of.

But the catch is:

You'll have to work harder on yourself than your business. You'll have to commit to a lifetime of personal growth to combat the internal demons that will make you compare yourself, make you doubt, make you fearful, make you paralyzed, make you want to give up.

You'll have to remain positive throughout this experience. Your energy, especially during turbulent times, is crucial to continued business development. Don't confuse rewarding, fulfilling and fun with easy. What we do is simple, it's very basic...invite, work on your fitness journey, grow in personal development and recognize. BUT it's not easy because you have to do the SIMPLE work.

You'll have to be steadfast in your vision. See what you want and then work for it. The moment you slow down or even quit, you are giving up on that dream. And giving up on all the people you would have helped. Remember them. They are important too.

You'll have to find joy in the process of building a business. You'll have to develop skills you never thought you had in you. You do. You can be a leader, you can influence people, you can be a force for good.

I had ZERO skill coming into this, no social media experience, total introvert, 100 friends on FB and I was 40 lbs heavier. I just knew that healthy eating and exercise was the ONLY thing that ever worked for me and I was going to work hard and help others.

And here I am 3 years later and my team is recognized as a top 200 team for 2 years in a row and I've been able to help OVER 1300 people live healthy fullfilling lives. The most important of which is ME.
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Meet Allison

Allison Was Able to Finally Lose the Baby Weight

“I have a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, but was still having trouble staying in shape. After having children I had quit going to the gym, started snacking off the kids food, and snacking late at night. Even though I was eating real food, I was eating too much and all of the wrong stuff! At the same time, I was looking for a job I could do from home while raising my children. My coach introduced me to Beachbody. My coach is the kind of person who only supports companies that produce GOOD QUALITY products, so I knew from the get-go that Beachbody must be a good company, but of course I did some research for myself. When looking into Beachbody products I loved that they were built on true science and sound research. The nutrition portion of ALL the products using the REAL thing. Straight food resources and that was very important to me. Once I was sure that Beachbody was a company that I wanted to represent I REALLY jumped into the programs. I wanted to be a coach who stuck to the plan and got results. And I did!

I was on the brink of having health problems! My blood pressure had steadily been rising over the previous 5 years. My weight was at an obese level. My joints were feeling much older than 25 years old and I experienced moderate levels of pain daily in my feet and occasionally in my knees as well! I had trouble standing from crouching down on the floor with my daughter and always wobbled as I stood up. I also got very tired carrying my kids and baby paraphernalia! If I went shopping and parked far away I’d be ready for a nap by the time I made it to the store! Also, we’ve always loved going for family walks, but between the pain in my foot and popping knees I wasn’t finding them enjoyable anymore.

I was embarrassed to be me. I had never experienced being out of shape until I was in my early 20s. I hated getting out of breath doing day to day activities and struggling. I also no longer felt confident. I always wore long and baggy tops so that no one could see what size I really was.

When I went for my annual check up (a year after my son was born), my doctor was shocked when she walked in the room and said, “WOW! You look SO good!”
Prior to beginning the programs I was experiencing a ton of pain in my foot because of a tight Achilles tendon. Over the past year of exercising regularly with the programs in good shoes and doing stretches a physical therapist taught me the pain has almost entirely subsided.

The biggest goal I have achieved is going from being OBESE to OVERWEIGHT by my BMI. My celebration was actually a renewed excitement to continue working harder! I’ve enjoyed fitting into new, smaller clothes and feeling confident again–but I’m also now working towards (and nearing) a new goal of being within the NORMAL weight category–and I can’t wait to keep using these programs and get there!”