18 lbs in 8 weeks!

Are you ready to commit to yourself for 2 hours a week?

Trust me I TOTALLY understand how limited time is. I hate saying that I don’t have the time to do something because the truth is that we all HAVE time but perhaps something isn’t a priority and that is OK to admit to ourselves. 
I started 80 Day Obsession in January. I was 3 months Postpartum and was told the recommendation is 6 months Postpartum. The hour long workouts and the meal prep for 6-7 time meals a day wasn’t a priority for me (that feels GOOD to say) so I quit. THANKFULLY, right after I made the decision to quit I got a call from corporate asking me to participate in the 2B Mindset Test Group but I had to quit 80 Day Obsession, good thing I already had 😉 You know me, always being proactive. 
Anyway, I have dabbled in a few programs since then but I have been focusing on my nutrition and seen AWESOME weight loss results but it’s time to STEP UP MY GAME so I am ready to commit toLIIFT4 for the next 8 weeks! AND we are doing a pre-launch for the FIRST TIME. That means if you have On Demand you will get it added to your library in October BUT you can get early access AND be in a tell group with Joel starting Monday 🙂 
What you can expect from this new program when you commit:
  • 30-40 minute work outs
  • 8 week program
  • follow a non-diet lifestyle eating plan
  • enjoy a treat meal every week
  • INSANE results
  • No Equipment? No problem! Resistance training with NO weights required, we will provide you with bands AND a bandifier using a band for every move! 
I have 5 spots left in the test group with me! Wanna snag one? Fill out an application and let’s do this
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