What are my top ways to avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy? It can be SO hard and definitely something I am currently struggling with. I have been craving carbs like crazy and everyone keeps telling me I am ‘eating for two’ and guess what? You aren’t! You only need 300-400 extra calories for the baby starting in your 2nd trimester.

  1. Start at a Healthy Weight if possible. If you are already overweight when you get pregnant it is going to be tough and often times make it harder to get pregnant
  2. Eat Moderately and Often. Try not to wait for yourself to get SUPER hungry because then you are more likely to over eat. Try for 5-6 small meals a day to feel satisfied.
  3. Drink up! Try to get AT LEAST 1/2 your body weight in oz of water each day with a minimum of 64 oz. So if you are 150 lbs you should be having 75 oz water.
  4. Making Your Cravings Count. No one actually thinks you will never have ice cream or chip during pregnancy. Here is an idea! Make some nachos and top it with avocado and maybe some egg for some good fat and protein!
  5. Make Starches Work Harder. We all need carbs but try to stick with whole wheat carbs and things that are less empty like quinoa or rice.
  6. Make walking a priority. You don’t need to be doing high impact cardio or power lifting. Simply walking 1-2 miles a day will help with the weight gain AND keep your energy up
  7. If you are already moving, don’t stop. Definitely consult your doctor but most doctors will tell you that if you were working out before you can continue to do so if it’s comfortable.
  8. Satisfy your cravings. If you want something, have it, enjoy and move on. If you never have it, you will probably over do it so enjoy in moderation
  9. Talk to your doctor. Ask them if you are gaining at a comfortable rate and make sure it’s an open discussion.
  10. Don’t drive yourself crazy. I totally did this over EVERY ounce I gained. You are GROWING A HUMAN, give yourself a break!

18 Weeks Pregnant!