Can Your Mindset Change Your Life?

I?ve spoken to a lot of women this week about belief.?Really?how your mindset can change everything in your life. Absolutely everything.

The reality is that what changes you from going through the motions getting mediocre results to really rocking and getting explosive results is what you believe.

In my opinion it?s really not based on skill, effort and diligence. It?s based on your belief in yourself, it?s based on believing that you can accomplish what you want to accomplish. So if you?re like well you know I?m just sort of following this meal plan, going through the motions kinda sorta doing it. You?re going to kind-of-sort-of get results right. Same with the workouts if you?re just sort of doing your workouts and half the time you?re like responding to messages on your phone or you know not putting in a 100% of effort. Those are the kind of results you?re going to get. You?re going to get results that show that you were kind of hanging out with your phone and not putting in a 100% of the effort into the workout.

Same goes for your meal plan. If you want to like get those amazing results in your fitness you?re going to put in a 100% the effort. And it?s okay if you don?t want to, it?s okay if you?re like I?m good with 80% of the results! ?If you want to you get where you want to go quicker and you want this massive fitness results. You?ve got to put in 100% of the effort.

The same goes for your business. I know a ton of people follow me for business advice. I work a nine-to-five job at Fortune 10 company that I enjoy. I have built this 6 figure online?health and fitness business in about an hour a day. I will tell that I worked hard. I didn?t just go through the motions and do what I was told. I made it my own. When things didn?t work I didn?t get discouraged, I worked harder.?I was never successful at anything until I truly believed I could do it. It’s the difference between getting some results and getting all the results.

For those you that followed me through my accident. Yes, I had a very hard physical recovery. I was hit by a car crossing a crosswalk at full speed just nine months ago. I had a emergency brain surgery to save my life. I shattered my pelvis, my face, my sternum and my sacrum. And I was told that I may never walk again. And I could not let that get me down. Physically, I obviously had to do the work but I couldn?t do the work physically if I didn?t believe that I could do it. Whatever you believe you can achieve and that?s true. I wanted to get better, I believed I could get better.

They didn?t know I would survive.

They didn?t know if I have brain damage.

They didn?t know if I never walk again.

And I?m doing all those things. I couldn?t just have physical strength and be wishy washy on if I was ever going to walk again and if I was ever going to lead a normal life again. I had to know that I wanted to do that. Coaching TRULY changed my belief in myself

Go get those amazing results in life in business in fitness in whatever it is that you are going for!

I am not only a Survivor but a THRIVER