Do you feel like you could never help others?

-You are not into health and fitness

-You are over weight

-You don’t ?know anything about it.

BUT you have a DESIRE to be better.

Yes, NOW I?am totally that crazy health and fitness girl. But I was not always like that. I grew up so overweight and I made a decision to lose weight and found myself yo-yo dieting and binge eating and being addicted to diet pills.

It wasn?t until I found Beachbody and found healthy portion controlled eating, my super food shake and my 30 minute at home workouts that I actually found something that worked for me. It?wasn?t a fad, that wasn?t a crash diet, that wasn?t taking pills or wrapping myself in cellophane. So while you?re like ‘oh I can never do what she does, she?s that health and fitness girl and she?s knows everything about fitness.’ That is so not true.

I didn?t know anything and you know what I still don?t have to know anything. Because my job is not to create the programs, my job is to help you use the best fitness and nutrition programs in the world created by the most amazing trainers and nutritionists. My job is to help you keep on track, provide motivation, support, recipes, meal plans that go along with the portion-controlled eating system, recipes for your super food shake. I?m in there in the trenches doing it with you. I will tell you unmistakably I bleed Beachbody?blue. I believe in the mission of this company which is to end the trend of obesity.

There is this in not a competition there is room for everyone at the top and we are truly a team! It?s not a pyramid, it?s not a one way street and you want to join a growing team. I just want to come and say that you don?t have to be crazy health and fitness girl in order to start your own business.

You just really have to have a desire to help yourself help others get better and recognize people for their efforts. My new coach internship is actually kicking off on June 5th?and I have a few spots lost. So if you want a spot be sure to apply to join us.

We all start somewhere!