Want to know how to build a 6 figure business as a terrible sales person? Well then you have come to the right place.

I am a terrible, terrible salesperson. You guys will notice I never post a link to buy things. I want to talk to people individually and see what their needs are. I know there are a lot of direct sales companies out there where you buy directly from a person. You can buy bags, you can buy makeup, you can buy candles, you can buy perfume, you can buy wine, you can buy all sorts of things directly from a person. I support all of these businesses. If I need something I talk to my direct sales friends first. I do not just go online and buy things because I believe in supporting individual people. But the big difference about what we do as a health and fitness coach versus these other companies is that we have to follow up with people and we have to help people actually use the products. And that?s how I?ve been successful without having any sorts of sales skills and without posting my link or without just saying buy this without just saying buy that.

I will tell you when I buy candles, when I buy makeup when I buy whatever there?s no like support groups that help you walk through how to use your candles how to use your purse that you bought how to use your makeup, right. It?s all about like you just purchase and that?s great you supported that person, you feel good about yourself and it?s sort of over.

So if I?m talking to someone about a program or an eating plan or shakeology or our performance line or on demand or something that we offer. I have to realize that if that if they say no it may be partially a financial decision. But I have people say no to my free groups. I have to recognize that when people are saying yes to me and making a commitment they?re going to change their life. And that?s just not the case for a lot of these other products. And like I said I am all about direct sales. I totally buy from a ton of my direct sales friends. Makeup, oils, bags, candles everything but the reason that I?m able to really rock this business without any sort of sales skills is because I?m willing to help people and I?m willing to share my story. I am proof the product?s work. I have lost 60 pounds; I have kept it off for years. I am a former binge eater and yo-yo dieter. I was a diet pill addict, up and down and up an down. I would gain weight and I would start the diet pills again. It’s?important that I share that with people that you know this isn?t easy for me either. I struggle, there?s still days I don?t want to work out. But what I?m selling is more than just a shake or workout. It is a lifestyle, it is about moving 30 minutes a day, it is about changing your eating habits for life right.

If you looking for a long term solution I am the person you want to work with. I will get you a long term solution and I will help you get there. I will support you every single step of the way. We have private group online where I work with people one on one I check in with them probably way to much everyone?s probably ‘Jillian leave me alone’. I provide meal plans, accountability, support. So that is how it really built this business without any sort of sales background without any sort of skill.

I was the person and?I went online I bought insanity I did a couple of weeks and I was like forget this, this is ridicules it is too hard. It is too hard for a beginner, probably too hard for me right now. It is a really hard program. Instead, I want to find the right program for you. That is my goal as health and fitness coach. I don?t need to be the expert on the programs but I have used them all so I can tell you all about them.

I have built this business in less than three years and it has been massive for me. My new coach internship for July how have spots open! July, August is crazy because everyone wants to look good in their bathing suits?and in their shorts.

I am a share person I share I don?t sell. So I don?t believe you need sales skills to be amazing and build a huge business. I will teach you how!

Let’s create a lifestyle together!