Can your life really change in 3 days?

If your thinking that this is another gimmicky sales tactic, you’d be wrong. Now before you all start emailing me, saying “Jillian, 3 days to change your life? No way!”, hear me out. I’m a Beachbody Coach and I love it. What once was something that I did for myself has morphed into me being able to help change the lives of others. I work out, share my story, run my own business and most importantly, have found my passion. I get lots of questions from people all of the time who want to know more. What is coaching? Is it something I can do? Can I really make money doing it?

What I am proposing is joining me for a 3 Day Intro to Coaching Group. This is zero pressure, zero stress, zero sales opportunity for you to ask me all of the questions you have about coaching with Beachbody. It’s all done online from your home, so you can stay in your jammies if you feel like it. I want to share how this business has changed my life, my finances and if I am being honest, my outlook on life. It will include a private Facebook Group, Online Q&A, and a live call Tuesday night so you can ask me any questions you might have.

Me, my laptop and hopefully you! 3 days to change your life

Me, my laptop and hopefully you! Do you have 3 days?

Starting on Monday, April 18th we can take 3 days to learn about coaching and how it can change your life. In 3 Days you can decide to take a chance, educate yourself and light that fire of entrepreneurship can be the first step to living the life you’ve been dreaming of. Here are some of the things that I will cover:

What IS a coach?

Do I have to be in perfect shape to help people?

How do I start?

Do I really help people?

Is this a scam?

I’m no sales person! Can I really succeed?

If you have been waiting for an opportunity to own your own business, work from home, get out of debt, help others, become part of an amazing and supportive community, and get in the best shape of your life, I want to hear from ?you! All you need to do is email me at or comment below and we can get started.

Have you been waiting for a sign? Here it is.