My doctor and I have talked a lot about my pain levels, because some of you may know that I shattered my pelvis less than a year ago, and my sternum, and my sacrum, my face, and I had brain surgery.

A lot of women, even women that didn’t have a shattered pelvis, start having pain by the third?trimester. My pelvis feels totally fine like I don’t have any issues. I don’t have any pain. The only time I have discomfort is like late at night when I am getting like kicked in the ribs by the baby, and I can’t sleep.

And so we started talking about exercise and working out and just preface this: every one’s doctor is different so please talk to your doctor, your midwife or whoever you are dealing with.

What I was told for me and my personal pregnancy from my doctor was that I could do anything I was doing before as long as it wasn’t uncomfortable for me. So for example, I wasn’t a runner before. I am not going to take up running now. And really lifting weights feels good, moving around feels good, all that stuff feels good. The only time I have discomfort when I workout is when I jump, because mamas I am sure you can relate to this, I feel like I am going to pee in my pants. So I don’t jump any more. I do like low impact movements.

Did you know? Babies born to mom who exercise?have

  • Higher?Apgar scores
  • They sleep better
  • They breastfeed better.

There is a ton of research that shows that exercise can actually be really good for your baby as well as really good for you if you are clear to do it. Now obviously some women are on bed rest, some women are on lower impact stuff, some women can only go for a walk or some women don’t feel well enough to workout and that’s okay. I am not here to make you feel guilty for what you can or can’t do. What I am doing is sharing with you what physical fitness and being physical has done for me and what should be a very difficult and quite honestly painful pregnancy and has not been.

We do have an entire active maternity series specifically designed for first, second, and third trimesters like workouts broken up by each trimester. If you would like to try, you can totally try all those workouts totally free. Just email at and I will get you set up.

Can you believe I am in my 3rd Trimester?