How do you make Health(ier) Fast Food Choices? I figure many people are traveling this weekend and it might be needed for those road trips!

I am NOT condoning fast food. I am also not an idiot, and I know that?80% of Americans eat fast food at least once a month.

I figure, if you?re going anyway, I might as well help you make the best choices!

#1: Spend More.

Okay this may seem like the opposite of the reason you are there. I get that. The thing is though, these places are businesses. If the ingredients cost more, they are going to charge more

Your dollar menu items are very often the worst real value for your money, because the amount of nutrition you are getting is so low. You may be looking to get more for your money, but you must ask yourself: Why do I get so much more?

Consider looking for the burger that is all sirloin, paying the extra for sweet potato fries, or choosing the seemingly overly priced salad. Chances are they are actually going to be better for you.

#2: Consider the Kids Menu

In this country we have portion sizes all wrong for the most part. I have seen?The 21 Day Fix?really help people understand how much we are supposed to be eating, but until that becomes the standard, you have to judge for yourself.

The true portions for adults are often actually the kids sizes. Plus, I?m not sure if you noticed, but they offer things like apples or milk with kids meals these days, instead of fries and a soda.

#3: Watch the Drink Calories

Soda and shakes are NOT a good idea to add on to your fast food meal. Often times a milkshake has more calories than an entire meal and soda sizes are no long 8 or 16 ounces, but closer to 32, which is going to pack on several hundred calories, not to mention sugar and chemicals.

Diet soda is absolutely NOT better. You?ll save the calories but increase the chemicals. Stick to unsweetened iced tea and water always. Some places even have sparking or flavored water these days PLUS water is FREE!?

#4: Don?t be Afraid to Custom Order
They can seriously do ANYTHING you ask them. They can substitute, make things that aren?t on the menu and more.

You are paying them for a meal, there is no reason you can?t ?have it your way? every time. You may have to wait a little longer, and you better have a pleasant attitude when dealing with the staff, but please don?t worry about inconveniencing anyone.

#5: Don?t Eat and Drive

Now I know that sounds crazy, if you had time to stop and eat you probably wouldn?t have been in the drive thru in the first place. Seriously though, the same way we forget the food we eat in front of a computer or TV, we do when we drive.

Just pull into a spot, hand out the happy meals to the the little ones (and hopefully yourself and take a few minutes to just concentrate on eating. Your body feels the difference and this will help you eat less, and not immediately want to eat again when you get home. It will be worth the wait.?

Some of my Favorite Places to make Health(ier) fast food choices


-Fresh City?



A Healthy Fast Food Choice