Happy Monday!? Today I’ve been craving some Restaurant food, and so I decided to do some digging and find healthier versions of my favorite meals without all the nasty surprises like:

  • Copious amounts of butter
  • Salt on top of salt
  • More butter
  • Sugar (yes, they sweeten just about everything)
  • And… more salt

Here’s a few of my favorites, but if you have a?different dish that you’d like to see given a makeover,?email me here!

?Healthy Restaurant Meals:

?Black Bean SoupAnyone else get a craving for Panera Bread?s Black Bean Soup from time to time? I mean, seriously, who doesn?t love this dish?? Click here to get the full recipe (only healthier). Healthy Restaurant Meals
?BurgerRemember that time you wanted a Burger, and drove to the nearest fast food restaurant only to regret it a few minutes later?? This Burger will help your waistline as well as your taste buds!??Get the recipe here.? Healthy Restaurant Meals
?Spicy Pecan ChickenPopcorn Chicken:? the American legacy and now healthier than ever!? Add in a little spice included in this recipe for a true restaurant feel.? Get the recipe here. Healthy Restaurant Meals
?Chicken ParmesanOne of my absolute favorites: ? Chicken Parmesan!? Replacing this meal is a delicate task, but I finally found a recipe that does the trick!? Get the recipe here. Healthy Restaurant Meals
?Philly CheesesteakPhilly Cheesesteak!? Get the recipe here ? or regret it forever!

Healthy Restaurant Meals