I hear all the time that is is so time consuming and expensive to eat healthy. Well I am going to prove you wrong today with a simple 5 ingredient salad dressing that takes literally 1 minute to make! It’s super quick and inexpensive. You can also use to to roast veggies or as a marinade on chicken.

Did you know that the average American worker is spending $10 EACH WORK DAY on coffee and lunch?

What if I told you I could save you $60 EACH MONTH just by eating healthy?

I get questions all the time wondering how I’ve lost over 30 lbs and what I eat for food. Most people are worried that eating healthy and drinking Shakeology simply aren’t in their budget. The upfront investment for them seems to be too much.

This meal prep for my week consists of

– Shakeology for breakfast
– Peach for mid morning snack
– Turkey Burger and Sweet Potato fries for lunch
– Carrots and Hummus for afternoon snack

and only costs $7 a day. That’s a $3 SAVINGS EACH DAY! Not to mention I’m offering you more than coffee and lunch!

It’s a myth that eating healthy has to cost more. Sure I may have to prepare a little more than the average American worker, but in the long run I will have my health (and savings) to show for it


For this recipe you need:

  • -Some sort of shaker bottle (I got mine at Kohls, yay Kohl’s Cash)
  • -Olive Oil
  • -Balsamic Vinegar (I prefer white)
  • -Garlic Powder or Granulated Garlic
  • -Red Pepper Flakes
  • -Salt (I use pink himalayan sea salt)