Ready for some time saving tips?

Time saving is the name of the game today! Raise your hand if you’re busy! (Don’t worry, my hand is up there.) It is a part of modern life that we are all pulled in a million different directions. Today, I would like to share my top five tips about growing a business, even when you’ve got lots to do. ?If you’re a busy mom, a busy dad, or you work a full time job, or just have other things to do that don’t involve Beachbody, you might question: Can you still grow your business while you do those things?

You know my answer is going to be a resounding: YES! Do you have to dedicate 40 hours a week to grow your Beachbody business? Of course not! If you know me at all, you know that I am proof of that. I work a full time “regular” job and then about 10 hours per week on my Beachbody business. I thought it would help all of you to share my top 5 tips to grow your business AND save time.

  1. Plan. You need to have a plan in place of what you are going to do each day. Different people plan in different ways, but all successful coaches plan. You can plan what you are going to do each day or you can plan what you are going to do in the course of a week. Day by day or weekly planning works, as long as you are actually planning. Personally, I think planning more than a week ahead of time may be setting yourself up for failure, because things can certainly change in the interim.
  2. Get Organized. Seriously. However feels right and makes sense to you (and what you are actually going to follow through with) is what you should use. Personally, I am a big believer of online organization and I use Google. There are Google Docs, Drive, Streak and the best part is that it’s free!!

If you’re ready to learn the rest of my time saving tips, come over and check out my video here:?’d love to hear what you think! Also if you have any tips or tricks to share, our community would be happy to hear them.

5 time saving tips

Who couldn’t use some time saving tips to be successful?