I wanna talk to you about how, as a business owner, you can make talking to your ?Cold Market? easier. And I am gonna give you 5 tips on how to do this!

So, really I put ?Cold Market? in parentheses because I think that your entire ?Cold Market? can actually become your Warm Market, if you run your online business correctly. And this is sort of at the fore-front of my mind at the moment because I had someone reached out to me yesterday and you know send me a friend question and I said to them, “Oh thanks for connecting. How do we know each other?” And she said, “Oh well I just that your friends with so and so. And I sell this and so I thought maybe you would wanna buy this but if it not that’s fine”. And I was like, “Okay. How about like getting to know me?” So I actually asked her if she was open to feedback. I run an online business too. I gave her feedback. She was so sweet, and kind and I explained to her like you knot it is really important to get to know someone and not just like Cold message people. And we had an awesome conversation.

So, I wanted to share those tips with you guys because I think that it is really important as an online business owner to share, right? Because you don’t wanna get a bad rap. You wanna make sure that you support each other and sometimes feedback can really change your person’s entire business.

I run a 6-figure business while I work a 9 to 5 in a Fortune-10 company. I don’t do this full?time. I do it because I love it and I love helping people. I love helping people with their fitness and I love helping people run a business.

  • Tip #1: Use their name

So the first tip that I am gonna give you is super simple: Use their name. Don’t say “Hi Hun”, don’t say, “Hi Babe”, don’t say, “Hey dear”. Use their name. Take the 5 seconds to look at their name and if you are on Instagram sometimes it takes 10 seconds. On Facebook, obviously it is usually a little bit more obvious. Always use their name. Always! It makes it so much more personal for the person if you use their name.

  • Tip #2: Tell them where you found them

Like “Hey, like I saw that you were in this group for people that – for my case – love dogs. Your dog rescue that’s super awesome.” And connect with them. I connect with people that I wanna be friends with. That I would wanna work with. I don’t connect with people just to sell them something. I see something in common that I wanna connect with them over. I want to connect with people that I want to work with. This is the only profession where we get to choose who we work with. At my 9 to 5, I don’t, right? I have a boss, I have co-workers and they are assigned?to me. So, it is really important that you definitely connect with someone and tell them where you found them.

  • Tip #3: Compliment them?

Complement them, tell them WHY you reached out, “Oh my goodness! Your dog is so cute.” “Oh my gosh! Your kid is so cute.: “Oh I loved your hair that you did for your wedding” or “I loved that dress you wore for that event.” Like give them a complement. Complement. Comment. Question. Right? And that leads me into tip number 4.

  • Tip #4: End with a question

End with a question or something that they can respond to; because, otherwise you are just sort of like leaving it open-ended, you know? “I absolutely loved that dress that you wore. Can you tell me where you got it? I am looking for something very similar.” Complement. Comment. Question. Not in that order but you get the idea, right? You wanna connect with them over something. You know just wanna like reach out and be like, “I just?found?you were friends with my friends and I am selling this and I thought you might wanna buy but if you don’t want it that’s fine”. No like that doesn’t work. You can definitely make money that way but that’s not how you build the business, right? That’s how you sell things. But if you wanna build a long term business and I have been in this 2 and half years, you need to form relationships.

  • Tip #5: FORM

And that leads me into the last suggestion which is FORM (F-O-R-M) and a lot of you have probably heard of this before: Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Message is kind of like what you wanna talk to them about. So things you have in common with family, occupation, recreation and then you can deliver your message. And maybe you never get your message. People always ask me that “Well how do you transition into your business?” Sometimes you don’t but if you open the conversation with them and they are watching on social media, sometimes they will see your message and they will be comfortable?reaching out to you because you have formed that relationship with them and you have built that trust. And you guys are friends now, right? You guys are friends and it is not just about like a business relationship.

So, I hope this is helpful for you. If you see this was helpful, please feel free to share it out with your team, and if you have more questions on how to run your online business you can go to www.jilliankaplan.com. I have tons of posts on how to run your business online!

Work with people you WANT to work with!