I have a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY, who is ready to start their business at the TOP of my organization?

And what it means is I have a spot in my organization for someone to be able to earn income and have a volume which equates to income sitting there when they start working their business. So this opportunity is not for someone who just wants a discount or doesn’t really want to work the business or isn’t necessarily sure what they want to do with it. But if there is someone out there that is a go-getter and knows they want to someone build a business with this, this would be a great opportunity for that person.

This person would already have 10+ coaches ‘under them’ which means they have the opportunity to get the volume from these coaches. Now, this volume will become available to whoever takes this spot as soon as that person has two coaches they bring in that join them. You will get to take advantage of that volume right away. And that spot will continue to grow. So as my team grows, your team grows. As your team grows, my team grows. So that is this awesome Golden Egg Opportunity that’s kind of the layman’s way of explaining it.

Normally people come in all the way at the bottom and then an organization will eventually grow under them. Normally, people don’t get to come in right you know where there is already an organization grown under them.

Now this spot to buy this business is $40. There are no other fees in order to buy the business and that is often why people love network marketing. You buy your own their own business for $40, no one telling you what to do. That’s less than a dinner out most of the time. So this spot is available to someone who wants to work the business, knows that they want to build a team because that’s how they are going to cash in on all of this free volume, and someone that has never been a coach before. I build my team in such a way that this person will continue to have people added?under?them and continue to benefit from the volume. So, for example, Shakeology is 90 volume points. So anytime someone in their organization has a Shakelogy shipment go out, that’s 90 extra volume points.

So if you are still interested?be?sure to fill out the application. There is one of the spots left and it needs to be filled within the next few days.

This is a sample of what it could look like