Are You Adding Value with Your Social Media Content? Here are 3 ways you can do that!

#1 Make them Informative So giving people answers, helping them understand health and fitness, giving them recommendations for products. I am always on here recommending things that I like. I had a deodorant that I liked. Today I recommended Seltzer I like. ?Just tell them about things that are working for you and why.

#2 Make it Funny So why would someone come to your page? People want to be entertained. People want to laugh. People want to have something kind of exciting going on. I try to kind of bring light to every single situation. So that is another way that you can add value. It doesn’t have to be super serious or super informative. it can simply be funny and entertaining and a reason for people to come to your page.

#3 Inspire people And the 3rd way that you can really add value is to inspire people… you know I don’t want to say the opposite of funny, because sometimes even my inspiring post could have a little bit of humor in that. Because that’s just who I am. But by being your authentic self and sharing what is a hard for you and how you overcame and inspire others to do the same because probably if you are struggling with it, there is someone else there that is too. So for me, in the past, it was binge eating and diet pill addiction. And now it’s been that I have struggled with my body as a pregnant person. And then I started to have guilty feelings about struggling, because I know that not everyone has the privilege of being pregnant. I know that being pregnant is a miracle. And then I started to feel guilty about my negative feelings towards myself, and thank goodness I have been able to overcome that. But I have shared a lot about that, and hopefully it’s inspired people who maybe felt the same way that I did, because like I said if you are feeling that way someone else is probably feeling that way to come out and sort of like get that off their chest and feel better about themselves.

So really informative, funny, inspiring – that is really how you can add value.

If you are in a health and fitness industry and you are positing a workout picture saying like “I did my workout today”, that’s great. That is good accountability for you, but it doesn’t add any value. Same thing like if you are posting a picture of your meal, that’s great. Great accountability for you. But how did you make that meal? Like what ingredients went into? Why did you make it? Is it inexpensive? Is it easy? Is it vegetarian or vegan and that’s why you made it? Is it part of your meal plan??And then for Shakeology, because I am a Beachbody coach and we drink Shakeology, people just posting a picture of their Shakeology. That’s not adding value like “Oh I drink my quick shake today.” Okay but what is it and why you drink that shake? So that is really how I come up with what I am going to post on social media.?I have to ask myself: Does this add value to my audience? Because if the answer is no, then I am not going to post it.

An example of an informative post where I added value!