It?s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Some of you know that August 10th, so?about 5 months ago, I was walking my dog in a crosswalk and was hit at full speed by a car. I had emergency brain surgery to save my life. I shattered my pelvis and had two pelvic surgeries. I had a fixator put in my pelvis in order to potentially be able to walk again. They weren’t sure I would survive. They weren’t sure I would have a fully functioning brain. And they weren’t sure I would ever walk again. And I am thankful to say that I am as normal as I have ever been. I keep saying I am normal people like “How normal were you before?” Not that normal 😉

So, if 2016 was your year and you rocked it, throw me some love!. And if 2016 just wasn’t your year but you are ready to rock 2017, that is AWESOME too!

I think that it is so important to start setting some – I didn’t want them call goals; because, goals seem like they are maybe gonna be attained. I am gonna make myself an Action Board. So, ACTIONS for 2017!?

If?you had a dark 2016, it is important to remember it is always darkest before the dawn, right? 2017 is here. I am not into the New Year, New You thing but I think that it is important if that is sort of a mindset change for you; because, now it is 2017 and you feel like it is New Year for you to accomplish your actions – I won’t call them goals – then use that. Definitely, definitely use that. That is so so so important; because, really change starts up here.?

And the difference between successful people and people that want to be successful is that people that are successful think they can do it. People that aren’t successful don’t think they can do it and THAT IS THE TRUTH. And I know that people think I am crazy when I say that like “Oh well successful people have everything made and they have everything figured out.” No. I will tell you my luck changed when I started to think my luck was going to change, right? When I started to manifest what I was doing.

So the first step for an amazing 2017 is to THINK 2017 is going to amazing. Who is with me?

Mindset is EVERYTHING!