This is how I changed my attitude and changed my life

I wanted to talk to you today about overall attitude, attitude is EVERYTHING. ?Many might know I got hit by a car, when I was walking in a crosswalk, in broad daylight.? I have a lot of people compliment me, that like my attitude is really good, and I really have a positive outlook.

It wasn?t always like that.? I wasn?t always glass-half-full person, really changing my mindset, making sure that I became glass-half-full person has changed my entire outlook on life.? I truthfully don?t feel like I would be doing as well in my rehabilitation in getting better, if I didn?t have this outlook that I have now.

Pushing my Limits and using my mindset to push to a higher level

Pushing my Limits and using my mindset to push to a higher level

How did I get here? What made me want to change from glass-half-empty, to glass-half-full? It was that I didn?t feel like I was getting the most out of life.?? It didn?t feel like I was living life to the fullest, I felt like I was getting dragged down by silly things.? I felt like I wasn?t enjoying as much as I could have. I decided to take on this glass-half-full attitude.? I did that by doing a lot of different personal development.? I know that it sounds hokey and a lot of people are like ?Wow, what is personal development? What is that even mean?? It is basically finding books and webcast and webinars that help you see things in a different way.

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