Attraction Marketing is DEAD, yep, that’ right.

Attraction marketing has become a thing of the past because there are so many people out there that are just spamming, and dropping their product links, and not really sharing any value, and not educating on what they are doing they are just out there just trying to attract people. Attraction marketing was awesome in 2016.

But 2017 is all about Curiosity Marketing. And how to really get people interested in what you are doing without actually sharing exactly what it is you are doing. So without actually posting the products and services. I will absolutely post links to my blog and that sort of stuff to add value but I will never, ever, ever post links to my website because I don’t want people just go on there and buying things that they don’t need or aren’t going to work for them.

But even the next step beyond that is not even to post product names because you don’t want people going on Google and then buying off Google and not talking to you and seeing if it is the right product for them. So even if there is not a link posting a name is not the way to go. You don’t want to drive people to Google because people don’t necessarily want to talk to you. They are afraid they are going to be sold. They are afraid you are not going to actually help them. And they just want to get their hands on their product on their own. So curiosity marketing is where it is at.

It is doing things like putting on a lipstick and being like: “Oh my God! I love a color of this lipstick.” And then going into your post about something totally unrelated. but not actually saying what the color of the lipstick is. Creating some curiosity. Same thing like when I talk about my workouts. You know I am going to talk about a 30 minute at home workout that you can lose 5-15 pounds in 21 days. That’s cool. What’s that? You know someone is going to reach out to me and say what are you doing? What is that? You know how can I do it too instead of just me giving the name out them going on Google buying it themselves and then they have no support from me as a coach.

So I think it is really important to note that business is always changing and social media is always changing. And if you don’t change with the times you are going to get left in the dust. It is like companies that like Blockbuster, for example. You know Blockbuster said, “Oh no, not everything will be going digital. There is no way.’ And then here we are. Like there is no Blockbuster left. There is barely even Redbox left because everything is on demand.

And even with you know our fitness and nutrition programs; we are transitioning everything from DVDs to on-demand for the same reason. We don’t want to get left in the dust. You have got to be constantly innovating and helping me or clients where they want to be. I think that it is really important to note that the way that we market and the way that we help people as a small business is changing. We have to change with the times.