The BEST Deal in Fitness is HERE! I seriously wish this was around when I first started!

What do you get?

Meal Planning: will utilize the Portion Fix color-coated containers, but are altered a tad for YOUR needs, which will help you eat the right stuff, in right amounts for YOUR body! This is not a diet or quick-fix (I?ve tried all those and we know they don?t work!). I finally learned, after years of confusion, diet pills, quick-fixes, frustration, yo-yoing and no results, not only how to eat to hit my goals and feel my best, most healthy and energetic self, but to also make this a sustainable lifestyle that my entire family can follow. It has truly TAUGHT me all about nutrition so it “sticks” and it’s not just a phase! I’m so passionate about this, because it WORKS and I’ve helped so many others get “unstuck” too!

Fitness: Access to 800+ workouts for a year PLUS new ones being added all the time. These are available via an internet enabled device such as smart phone, smart tv, tablet, computer, roku etc. There is everything from super high intensity to programs for people who have never worked out before.

Superfood Nutrition: A month’s supply of our Superfood Shake that will replace one meal a day and make meal prepping super easy. It has over 70 fruits, veggies and superfoods in it!

So, what do ELSE you get in this group?
– Accountability, support, encouragement and coaching from me, with the opportunity to continue with me as your coach after!
– Access to our exclusive app that reminds you of your workouts daily and allows us to check in with one another
– A google doc guide with TONS of valuable info as well as the sample meal plan that is similar to what I’ve been doing, for each week WITH grocery lists to make this super simple.
– A custom workout?schedule?for the program you choose
– Prizes!

What’s the cost?
With my groups, you never pay for my coaching, so there are no extras or added costs for having ME as your coach, other than the products you NEED to purchase to participate! In your recommendation sheet, you will see what I recommend for you, but here’s a breakdown just to recap:
– You will need to purchase the Beachbody On Demand All Access package, through me, since that is what we will be utilizing in this group for the workouts PLUS it is exactly what you need for your goals! Here’s a video on the current Beachbody On Demand package deal, set to expire soon:
Shakeology is a STRONGLY SUGGESTED because without it, it will be very hard to get in all your nutritional needs, curb cravings and get the results you’re looking for with the meal plan and workouts you will be following. (PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS WITHOUT GETTING A SPECIAL LINK FROM ME FOR A?DISCOUNT!)
Energize: AKA, liquid GOLD! This is pre-workout is a necessity of mine for workouts! When I need a kick in the rear to get going, I gulp down a scoop and I’m ready to conquer the world…I crush my workout…then end up cleaning the house, cleaning out the pantry, folding laundry lol. It is definitely something I would not live without!

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