I’ve been getting tons of questions about my shoes and what I wear when I workout and how I get the best workout shoes on a budget. I’m gonna tell you that I definitely shop on a budget so I’m gonna give you my best tips to make sure your feet (and body) are treated right without spending a fortune.

1. Pick a brand you like and stick to it, I find I do best with New Balance or Brooks and I really try to stick to that.
2. Hit the outlets, this?is another reason to pick a brand you like. You can go to the outlet for that specific brand. Anddddd often times they have buy one get one half off so I find a shoe I like and get two pairs and store one.
3. If you are women’s size 8 or smaller you can buy kids shoes (that’s what these are) and they are like half the price. This works for lots of other clothing items too. My Northface is a kids XL.
4. Graduate your shoes to ‘outside shoes’. I use them for my workouts for a few months and then they become my outside walking shoes and I get new indoor shoes. I find they last longer that way.
5. Don’t skimp. If you follow these tips you should be able to afford a good shoe at a reasonable price. You’re better off wearing old t shirts to workout in than skimp on your shoes.