Brand YOURSELF vs. Branding your company

This is a really important component of your business. ?You need to brand yourself, not necessiarly your company. I am going to take a guess that there is more than one individual that works for your company. What is it that sets you apart from everyone else in that company? You can all sell the same products, you can use all of the same products and you can have access to all of the same marketing materials. Right? The ONE thing that sets you apart from everyone else in that company is YOU!

You are the only you that there is. So to be successful you need to focus on creating a brand of YOURSELF. You don’t need to focus on branding the company (they already have professionals who rock at that). What can help a customer choose who to buy from is when they are able to see and relate to the brand of YOU. After being in this business for a while, I think it’s a mistake for folks to use generic working, text , pictures and such to promote a product. This translates to your posts looking very “sales-y” and generic, instead of your posts reflecting who YOU are. These posts seem to be more about the company and what it has to offer. And as I said, the company can offer the same thing to everyone.

When you brand yourself, you can show what YOU have to offer as being a member of that company. As coaches, we have a choice. We can send someone to our website to purchase something and walk away. We can totally do that. We also have the option to guide someone to our website and HELP them, every single step of the way. To learn more about how to Brand Yourself and create meaningful relationships with your customers, check out the rest of my video here:?

Brand Yourself

I want the pictures that I post to be real! They reflect MY brand of ME 🙂

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