You can build your business from home in less than an hour a day. I have built a full time income on part time work. I work a full time job as a Fortune 10 company and have built this amazing business on the side and I can teach you to do the same. I own my time, create my own hours and make my dreams come true to live debt free with financial freedom.

This team is not just my career but it’s my family too! ?We now get to vacation together, spend time together and it doesn’t really feel like work! ?It feels like a dream come true! *** Disclaimer, I do work hard and it can be stressful every once in awhile but what career isn’t***

So why am I telling you all of this???

Well, I’m getting ready to expand my team!??I’m opening up 10 new spots for people who are NOT YET COACHES and would like to join my team and be PERSONALLY MENTORED directly by ME!?
I’m hosting an online event for those interested in getting the details tomorrow night at 9pm EST. ?We will answer questions like:
-Do I need to stock inventory?
-Do I need to be a fitness professional?
-Do I need a Beachbody?
-Do I get a discount?
-Are their minimums?
And much more…

If you would like to join the group please click here to?Join Us Live

PS If you can’t make it live, no big deal, the recording is same as the live link <3