Busy is not a badge of honor.

I wanted to come to you today and I just wanted to talk to you about something that?s been weighing on me since I?ve been at the hospital. And it?s something that, you know, a lot of people go through, and that is that they wear being busy as a badge of honor. And I?m going to tell you that, you know, I liked being in shape before this because I liked feeling good in my clothes and fitting into dresses and feeling good in my skinny jeans. And being in shape and eating healthy is great for that, and you should feel good about yourself. And I think that that is so important, so, you know, if you work out to feel good and look good because I think that?s a great reason and great motivator to work out.

Being in rehab and having had this accident a month ago and I get to go home tomorrow, which is actually really, really quick, I realized that being in shape is so much more than skinny jeans. And taking care of yourself is so much more than, you know, feeling good in a dress, which, like I said, I think is important and, you know, being in a health BMI and good weight and feeling good about the scale in your measurements is amazing. And I think that that is important, but I think that a lot of us wear busy as a badge of honor. Like how many times do you have people say, oh, how are you? And you say, I?m good, I?m so busy. It makes you feel important. It makes you feel wanted. It?s part of ? sort of ?like, our culture.

You know, like in corporate America especially, it?s like, oh, how you doing? I?m busy. It means that, you know, you?re justified. Your job is justified. Your being is justified, being busy. And I just ? I get that. ?I get that being busy is part of culture and everyone wants to be busy. But I also know that I was an extremely busy person and we all have our stuff, right? Like, I have my list of stuff and we all have volunteer organizations and jobs and children and sick loved ones and things we have to take care of. But it?s so, so, so important that you take a little bit of time to take care of yourself.

For the past two years, I?ve been taking care of myself thirty minutes a day. Working out thirty minutes a day, making sure that I kind of stay on track with my health and fitness, and I cannot tell you what a difference that thirty minutes has made in my recovery. I mean, it is astonishing. And I broke what I believe is way less?bones because my bone density was good because I lifted weights and I didn?t break anything in my arms or legs, even though I had a shattered pelvis and a shattered face, which is amazing. And, you know, I get to go home well before, they thought I was going to get to go home. They were talking about the end of September.
So, that?s amazing. And I just want to remind you that while I understand that being busy is important part of our culture, you can make time for other things. ?I not only make time for myself but I?ve decided to run this business from the side and I?ve learned how to do it in less than an hour a day, helping other people and that?s helped me grow so, so, so, much. It?s helped me stay on track, too. A lot of people don?t realize that.

Please say, oh, I could never coach because, I?m not in perfect shape yet and no one wants a coach who?s not in perfect shape. That?s so not true. I was thirty pounds heavier when I started coaching and people could really relate to that. They could say, okay, she started thirty pounds heavier. You know? She did this, too. She did the same thing I?m going to do, and I?m in there in the trenches every step of the way and no one wants a coach who doesn?t show up. Like I said, you know, you can be overweight. You can be out of shape. But you need to show up every day. And so being a coach has really helped me prioritize that thirty minutes of my health and fitness every single day. And not wear busy as a badge of honor. Like, I?m so busy, I?m so awesome, you know? I just ? it?s something that?s really weighed on me ever since this because, I get it we?re all busy, but I also think that it?s so important to realize that you need to put yourself first sometimes.

Busy is not the best thing that you can be. It?s not amazing. It doesn?t that you?re a better human being because you?re busier than the next person, because I see that a lot, too. Like, why, I?m busier than her because I have kids and a job and she only has kids or she only has a job. It?s just so not true. I just want to remind you to take time for yourself. Whatever that is, like, whether it?s mental time to sit down and meditate or do yoga, or to work out, or to read a book, to do something for yourself mentally and physically and just make sure that you?re taking care of yourself,

They say, like, put an air mask on yourself before putting it on other people on a plane? That?s sort of what I?m saying. You say, like, oh, I have to take care of my family. You do have to take care of your family. But you can?t take care of your family if you?re not taking care of yourself. ?You don?t want your family to have to take care of you someday because you?re not taking care of yourself, so make sure to put that air mask on yourself before you put it on everyone else and your family, because I just think that – that that gets kind of like thrown to the wayside sometimes.
People don?t realize, like, that they?re too busy to take care of themselves, their health is going to suffer and, in turn, their family?s going to suffer. So make sure to make time for yourself, and it?s not selfish. It is not selfish to say, you know what, I?m going to make some time for myself, I?m making thirty minutes a day to work out, I?m making five minutes a day to read some personal development, I?m making ten minutes a day to meditate. All those things are allowed and are good for you mental health and, maybe, you can start doing?healthy days with your spouse, instead of going out to eat ice cream or something like that.? Making sure that you?re really taking care of each other ? or your boyfriend, or whoever, or yourself. Take yourself out on dates. Like, that is allowed. So, I guess I just wanted to come to you because it?s really been weighing on me since my accident that I?ve seen so many people that give me the ?busy? excuse.

You are not too busy to put yourself first <3