October has been a month of craziness! My job is changing, my office location is moving, I have had some medical issues and I usually catch up on the weekends but we have had family commitments every weekend! I feel like I can barely keep my head above water.

Lets face it, this is not just October?its every day and every month of the year! We are just downright busy all the time! ?There is always more to do than hours in the day. ?So how in the heck do we manage to set goals, to start new business ventures, keep all the balls up in the air flawlessly??? Well that is just not realistic!!! ?We are human! ?What we do DO is try our BEST and FORGET THE REST!!!

Almost 1.5?Years ago I started my Beachbody Career while on my fitness journey! ?I was in a challenge group myself working out to 21 Day Fix, Learning how to eat clean and drinking Shakeology daily. ?I was teaching myself how to change old habits and replace them with new ones. ?I was inspired by the support and accountability from my coach and began to envision what I could do to support people in the community as a coach myself! ?I had ZERO idea what the heck coaching was or how it could work for me but I wanted to do it! ?I wanted to show other people that they could eat healthier, they could workout from home and get this amazing support system from a Beachbody coach so that in moments of weakness they didn’t throw in the towel and?succumb?to temptations.

I began my business at night after I worked my full time job and finished my volunteer dog rescue. I had zero blogging and writing skills. I did not have social media background and I certainly didn’t know anything about Network Marketing beyond being asked to sell Mary Kay once. Heck, I didn’t even know what Instagram WAS let alone have an account. But what I did have was drive, determination, compassion, and a commitment to helping at least 1 person transform their lives just as I had with Beachbody Fitness programs. ?So I set on my own personal journey to building this business! ?I started with Facebook. ?I began to post daily inspirational quotes, my own workout motivation, pictures of my food, tips on how to start changing over to clean eating, and recipes that our family was enjoying! ?I wanted to inspire others ?by my daily posts. ?I wanted to help people, so I started a FREE group first! I wanted to show people that clean eating wasn’t eating lettuce and and drinking water, it was a real lifestyle change that starts from the INSIDE out!


Honestly, I loved helping others and I saw SO many people benefiting from my free groups. People in my free group then came to me and said: “This is fun but what are these workouts and what is this Shakeology thing? I want more.” And from there I had people who loved the products and wanted to help people JUST LIKE I WAS. And I wanted to help them help others! I mean what a win-win! It wasn’t until a few months in that I saw this could be more than a sweet discount. My income grew and amount of people I was able to help also grew. It was seriously amazing. AND I am able to keep my full time job while I grow my business in my spare time. There is no one to tell me when I have to work and how much! Honestly, none of us HAVE time but if you want it you will MAKE time.


Power hour to do list

So why am I writing this post?!

Well I have people ask me about coaching all the time but then they don’t commit because they don’t have time, or they are afraid the will fail or that they don’t have anyone to invite. ?I get it! Those are real reservations and I had them too! ?But what I know now that I didn’t know then was that if you are PASSIONATE, DRIVEN, you are TEACHABLE and you are willing to GIVE IT ALL YOU HAVE GOT then I can TEACH YOU HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!!

I am a systems girl, I mean I am an engineer after all. ?I like to create guides to help my team follow a step by step program for success. So I have created the NEW COACH UNIVERSITY which in November?is all geared towards busy women building a business. ?We are cutting the fluff, we are not messing around and we are just doing what we NEED to do in order to have success!

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goal setting concept presented on blackboard with colorful crumpled sticky notes and white chalk handwriting

So, starting on November 16th?I am going to be mentoring a small group of new coaches that join my team through 30 days of training. The cool part is that its virtual, you can log in on your own time and do the daily tasks, you have access to me 24/7 and you can duplicate my process and systems for success! ?AND you will be ready come January 1st when EVERYONE is looking for a coach to help them meet their New Years Resolutions!

-I will teach you how to effectively run your power hour each day
-What are the most important daily activities you should focus on and where you should spend your time.

-My goal is to help you achieve YOUR GOALS!!!
-I am 100% committed to helping you succeed! ?I love what I do and that means I’m not just going to sign you up and let you figure it out on your own. ?–If you join my team you have my word that I will support you through the new coach process!


So now is the time! ?Are you a BUSY WOMAN who wants more? Apply HERE