I am going to talk to you how to be your own CEO and take ownership of your business and how I have done that. So a lot of people like talk to me like: “Oh my God! I would love to have my own business. It sounds so awesome work for myself.” Working for yourself means actually working like you have to be motivated to do the work, and you have to be disciplined?enough to do the work. Same thing is if I didn’t show up to my 9 to 5 every day,?I wouldn’t get paid, right? So if you are your own CEO, if you don’t show up every day, you are not going to get paid.

So something that I do in order to make sure that I am my own CEO and stay accountable is I set business hours for myself. Now because?I still have a 9 to 5 my schedules?are a little bit crazy. So my business hours are usually before work, at lunch, and after work. And sometimes it is not a full hour, sometimes it is 20 minutes?and I know what I am going to be doing during that time. ?I am not sitting around scrolling Facebook hoping that I will get some sort of inspiration to rock my business.?I have got a business activity tracker that I use every single day in order to track the activities that I have to do to move my business forward. Those activities come before the fun stuff.

So as a CEO I have to know what I have to do every single day in order to bit move my business forward and that I have to delegate?out maybe when I don’t have to do. So for example I am really bad at flyers. So I delegate?out and pay for an assistant to make my flyers. I also I am not a good writer but I do a lot of videos, so I pay to have my videos transcribed so I can turn them into blog post like this! Super easy stuff like that used to like bog me down to my business and hold me back from really like being a CEO and moving my business forward, because I would spend hours and hours with writers block feeling like my articles were terrible for my blog and hours and hours on flyers that look like my dog created them. They were so terrible. I needed to do them as my business grew, but I needed to just delegate?them out. And that made me really take ownership for my business understanding what I had to do and move my business forward and?understanding?what was just kind of fluff and I could delegate out and have paid to do for me.

I also show up every single day just like I show up to my 9 to 5 – every.single.day. I don’t take unplanned vacation. Yes, things happen, you get sick; I totally get that. But I don’t take unplanned vacation just like I don’t take unplanned vacation for my 9 to 5. Do I take planned vacation? Absolutely. I tell my audience when I am going to be away, just like I tell my boss in my 9 to 5 when I am going to be away. I take that time and I disconnect and I don’t work and that is totally, totally fine. But you have to plan those vacations, and you have to plan that time away. You can’t just say like: “Oh well I am just not going to work this week.”

You know what you need to do. Every single day you plan your time whether it is working in 2 hours at a time or working in 15 minutes spurts, you plan your time, you delegate. You delegate what you need to delegate out and what doesn’t move your business forward. You plan your time off and you show up every single day. Those are how I have taken an ownership for my business and been the CEO for my business.

You know I feel like a lot of people think that they are doing what they need to do in order to move their business forward, but the truth is they are taking a lot of time off of their business unnecessarily. I always say to my team like what would happen if you didn’t show up to 9 to 5? Well, you wouldn’t get paid. So if you don’t show up to your own business, where you are the CEO, you are not going to get paid either. That is the reality. Ready to be a health and fitness CEO? Apply here

Be the CEO!