Choose Team Fit ResQ and get the tools you need to succeed.?

If you are considering becoming a Beachbody Coach, there are literally hundreds of teams that you can join. Team Fit ResQ is an elite team of who (in my opinion) is the best. We are a team of men and women who share common goals of bettering our health, helping others in their fitness journey and building an honest and thriving business. What truly sets us apart is our structure of support and training for new coaches. When you decide to take the leap and become a coach, I want you to succeed.?

Of course, wanting and success and attaining it are two completely different things. When you decide to join Team Fit ResQ we set you up with a FREE MONTH LONG NEW COACH INTERNSHIP. I take a limited group of men and women, each month and take 30 days to learn everything there is about being a Beachbody coach (and an awesome one at that). This month has proven to be the key to growth for most of our coaches and I am proud of our Team Fit ResQ participants who complete the program, build their business and do the work.

When I decided to build a team, I had a vision. What I didn’t want is for people to sign up and never hear from them again. Signing up should be your first step in our journey together, not our last. Mentoring new coaches is one of the things I love, and I’m getting ready to open a few spots for my June New Coach Internship. Before you decide to join, know that I will be asking you to read, reflect and most of all participate. We will be in touch almost every day, and like any good learning program, there will be homework. What we’ve found is that that coaches who do the work are the ones who reap the rewards. But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some Fit ResQ Team members who completed the Internship:

Choose Team Fit ResQ

Kris completed the New Coach Internship and changed her body AND her business

It worked for my because I was putting theory into practice with everything I’d been told to do and then I was actually doing it” ~Kris

Choose Team Fit ResQ

Crystal is another recent Team Fit ResQ Intern

It worked for me because it broke down the whole coaching thing into easy-to-digest steps that I could tackle one at a time. It turned an overwhelming venture into a manageable and realistic one. Since I’m the type of person who needs to understand all the little details of something to get the big picture, this was really nice.” ~Crystal

For me it was because I had the accountability of home work. Like I didn’t want to let someone down, so I started plowing through because it was an expectation, not an option. And then it became a habit” ~Katy

Team Fit ResQ is the real deal! We are real people, who get real results, and build real businesses. If you are ready to jump into success and choose Team Fit ResQ, comment here, send me and email or find me on Facebook:?