Clean and Easy Crockpot Turkey Chili, who is crockpot obsessed in the winter? I use mine at least once a week. It makes my life so much easier and less mess and cleanup. I often wish I used my crockpot even more than I do 🙂

Seriously this is the easiest recipe ever! I make it all the time and now that the weather is getting cold it is even more perfect.

Here is what you need:

-About 1.5 lbs of ground turkey cooked in a packet of low sodium taco seasoning

-Jar is no sugar added pasta sauce

-Diced up onion (if you want)

-Container of fresh salsa, the stuff you find in the refrigerator section

-Cans of beans rinsed and drained (as much as you want). I use black, pinto, red, kidney, corn, chick peas…whatever you like

-Packet low sodium taco seasoning, yes another one

-Chili Powder to taste

-Salt and Pepper to Taste

Feel free to share this out, if you know anyone that loves a super easy healthy?recipe. There is really nothing in here that is bad for you. Watch the jar of pasta?sauce?and salsa that you buy. I buy my salsa fresh chopped in the refrigerator section. And I buy the jar of pasta?sauce?that doesn’t have any added sugar and that sort of stuff. And keep an eye on the sodium and the taco seasoning mix.

So, that is it. I am gonna throw this on low for 8 hours but you can do high for 4 hours if that’s easier for you. That is it. And you can serve it with?taco shells?or with chips whatever you like.

I actually made a video for you all of me making it incase that is easier for you. Want to see the step by step video? Check it out here: