Who loves a sweet potato? I am not gonna lie, I did not like sweet potatoes like at all! But I have learned to make them less sweet and more savory and now I LOVE THEM!

I just ?a washed whole sweet potato then I use a mandolin to slice it, super easy! You could also use a knife but I am such a klutz and would probably end up slicing my finger off.?My?mandolin if from pampered chef but you can get them anywhere. I use it ALL the time for most of my roasted veggies and sweet potatoes are no exception.

One of my best kitchen investments

And then I use 3 ingredients:

-Any sort of oil, I love Butternut Squash Seed Oil but Olive Oil works well, just a quick glaze

Garlic Powder to taste

-Sea Salt to taste

I am just gonna bake these at 450 for like 40 minutes and I will rotate them through once.

They?are super super super easy. It is way way easy with the mandolin. You can obviously season?them however you want if you love pepper, or you like more garlic, or you like onion powder. Sometimes I use cumin or Italian seasoning. Totally whatever you wanna do. Really easy side, really delicious and you know you can bake them to desire consistency. I like them like a little bit crispy but not too crispy.

So, I hope this was helpful for you guys. There is more recipes you wanna see, let me know. Clean eating is not mean to be complicated. This is super easy and I showed you guy and you can still see my Crock Pot going in the background that chicken is almost done. So, we are just gonna have these sweet potatoes and some roasted broccoli and that Buffalo chicken for dinner. Want more clean eating recipes www.pinterest.com/jilliansfitresq

Want to watch me prep these in less than 5 mins?