I could be a coach but…

-I didn’t start this business with the mindset that I was going to “MAKE IT BIG”.
-I didn’t even know what network marketing was when I signed up as a coach.
-I didn’t know you could make money as a coach.
-I had to google what a pyramid scheme was the first time someone told me that was what I was in.
-I was 30 lbs overweight
-The closest people to me thought I was crazy
-I didn’t have all the answers!
-I had less than 100 friends on Facebook & no Instagram account when I started.
-I was afraid that people would think I was just trying to “SELL” them something.
-I have no background in fitness or health. I just wanted to help people.

And then my mindset changed and I thought I CAN do this. All you need to do is flip the switch.I believe that the first mindset is?Jumping & building your wings on the way down.??I certainly didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew that I personally had been positively impacted by the Beachbody fitness programs especially 21 Day Fix & Shakeology. ?I also felt the value in having a coach to hold you accountable to your health and fitness goals. ?I knew that I wanted to help other people achieve their goals and that was all I needed. The rest I could figure out. ?I wasn’t afraid to FAIL, I just learned as I went and google was my best friend!

Of course, now after coaching for 2 years I have definitely created a systematic approach to helping my coaches build a self sustaining business! I can teach you how I built my business. With me there are no secrets only success. I want to see you succeed.