I am running a totally free Crockpot group this week – it is sort of that time of the year. And I am teaching everyone about Crockpot recipes. And my favorite recipe from the menu is something called Crock Pot Taco Chicken which are amazing. So, I have my ingredients prepared and I am gonna make it for you guys.

I just throw my raw chicken in the crock pot, the recipe calls for 1.5 for leftovers but I am doubling it. You can even throw frozen chicken in there.

So in your crock pot you add:

-1.5 lbs of Chicken

-A jar of sals

-A can of black beans drained and rinsed

-1/2 lb of frozen corn

-1 tablespoon of chili powder

1.5 teaspoons of cumin

-1.5 teaspoons of minced garlic

-.5 teaspoons of dried oregano

-.25 teaspoons of cayenne pepper

-Salt and Pepper to taste.

And then I am gonna put it in my slow cooker for 8 hours or low or 4 hours on high. I am gonna do 8 hours on low. And then you can serve it in tortillas if you like or over rice or if you are watching your carbs it is delicious over cauliflower rice. So, if you want some extra veggies in there that will work too. You can even have this recipe if you are following?portion fix!

Wanna watch me make it?