Are you the type of person that hates to go to the gym? Does the mere thought of having to run on a treadmill make you shudder with distaste? Let?s be honest, running on a treadmill isn?t the most exciting exercise.?I personally feel like a freakin’ hamspter on a treadmill. Well, exercise can be FUN! You can literally dance your a$$ off! I love Zumba but I feel a little self concious in a room full of people and really prefer to learn the moves on my own before I embarass myself by posting them online 😉

Let’s talk about WHY Dancing ia great exercise:

1. Dancing is Aerobic and Anaerobic.?Aerobic exercise are there when we jump, swing, twirl and get our heart rate up. We also use our own body weight (anaerobic) to squat and balance in dance. Perfect combo!

Constantly changing. There is an unending supply of dance moves. Ut?is very difficult to get bored with creating new dance moves. As a beginner, I find myself not only using my body but also my mind to?learn new routines. Each workout I am learning a new routine. I seriously feel like Beyonce, just much sweatier 😉

Creative outlet. One thing that dancing can provide that jogging and regular gym exercises can?t is a creative outlet. You are free to invent new forms, choose your own music, and even put makeup and costume to your dance routines. Wearing a costume while jogging would illicit some very strange looks.

Improve flexibility. One thing that ‘regular exercise’?doesn?t do is to help your muscles become more flexible. Dancing, on the other hand, stretches your body in new ways that you?ve never tried before. Improved flexibility is great for your body?s physical health, because it reduces your chances of injury in a fall or sprain, and speeds up the time it takes your muscles to heal after a workout. I am finding my back a little bit sore after my workouts, I think because I am stretching my back and using new muscles.

Music inspires.?Lots of people love to listen to music while they workout. Most people who run are listening to music or watching TV. It helps keep your mind off the fact your eyeballs are sweating. During dance you not only get to listen to the music but also MOVE with the music.

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