Today we’re going to talk about Haters!?

Haters, you know, those people that that troll your social media. For whatever reason, the follow you, yet like to send you nasty messages and claim they don’t like what you’re doing. You know that in network marketing, you put yourself out there. ?If you are growing your business the right way, you’re not just pushing sales on people, you are sharing your own personal journey. With that sharing, that make you extremely vulnerable, especially in the fitness industry. I lost 30 lbs on my journey and post my pictures…IN MY BATHING SUIT!

I am all about keeping things really positive. It is my goal to not sink to the level of someone who his putting you down. I have tried that in the past and it means you feel crappy and it gives the person power. My goal is to make you feel good and not give the person any power. It’s hard but the best thing to learn to focus inward instead of outward. Honestly, it needs to be all about you. It’s time to be selfish because the more you love yourself the more love you can share with the world.

I posted one the other day, and someone reached out to me just to tell me it was photo shopped! If you want to lean how I dealt with the comment and remain positive, check out the rest of my video 🙂

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