My name is Jillian and I was a diet soda addict. I used to have a Diet Dr. Pepper every single morning since I don?t drink coffee simply because I don?t like the taste. I felt like I needed the caffeine and that it gave me enough energy for my day. The reality is that is does have caffeine but it simply full of chemicals then kept me running on empty.

I never, ever thought I would give up diet soda. I mean it has 0 calories, 0 sugar and 0 carbs so it clearly wasn?t hindering my goal to be healthy. I was totally wrong. Did you know that diet soda has a ton of negative effects INCLUDING that it makes you crave real sugar which can often lead to weight gain.

Other potential side effects: kidney problems, messing up your metabolism, obesity, cell damage, rotting teeth, reproductive issues AND when mixed with alcohol can cause increased hangovers.

I will tell you it was not easy. I weaned myself off with a combination of seltzer and lemon water. I do still indulge but it?s very rare. I feel waaaaaay more energized and hydrated. So if you are a diet soda junkie, consider making a change. You will be glad you did.


Diet Soda