Do as I say, Not as I Do…now how much sense does that even make?

It doesn’t make any sense, we need to LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

Lead By Example!

I had, one of the coaches on my team come to me and say, “How do I get my team going? How do I motivate them? How do I get them to a certain rank or to be helping a certain amount of people every single month?” And I thought about it and we have all of these like push?trainings?in groups and… so much stuff available to them. And then I finally said, “You know it is really leading by example.” So you know the title of this is: “Do as I say, not as I do.” But that’s kind of like an oxymoron to me. They say that your team will do half of what you do.

So if I want my team to be helping 10 people a month, I have to be helping 20. If I want my team to be helping 20, I have to be helping 40. I have to double what I want my team to be doing. How many people do I want them to help? And most people won’t even do close to half.

Now, obviously like there is a ton of people that will end up doing more but I am just giving you like an average. And I thought about that too as me, as a health and fitness coach, like I am not going to tell people “Drink your Shakeology, do your workout, and stick to your meal plan. And I am over here and never working and eating ho-hos? No way! I am doing exactly what I tell my clients to do.

So even at 8+ months pregnant, I am working out every single day. I am super thankful that I am able to do that. I know not everyone is, but I am. And yes?I am super slow. I?am really trudging?a lot. My?35 minute?workout took me about 55 minutes this morning because I needed breaks and that sort of stuff but there is nothing with that. But I am still showing up every single day. No one?wants a coach who is telling them to something and?no?doing at?themselves, right?

So if you are an?entrepreneur?and you are leading a team or you have a small business and you have employees, you should be doing and showing an example of what you want them to do. You are probably going to get half the?productivity?from them as you are putting it. So that’s really something to think about.

Most of what I share with me is stuff that I am doing. It is stuff that’s work for me or a stuff that hasn’t work for me. Same with my fitness stuff. I share with you guys all the time the diet pills didn’t work for me; the wraps didn’t work for me; the yo-yo dieting didn’t work for me; that stuff didn’t work for me. And that’s okay. And I am going to share that with my audience and say: “This is not working for me, but this is what did work for me.”

Same with people that work the business with, right? Like I am going to say to them so this is working really well in my business but this isn’t working at all. And that’s the best thing I can do vs. just saying “Do this, this, this, and this.” No I am going to share with you what I am doing.

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