Eating healthy on a budget, it totally doable!

Eat the Rainbow!

I did an AWESOME BJ’s grocery run yesterday and SHOULD have done a video because it was pretty darn perfect and came to $67 PLUS I have $20 credit back so $47!

Here are my best tips to eat healthy on a budget

  1. Decide how you are going to prep. Some people like to prep each meal making it easy to just say “this is what I am having” while others prefer to prep healthy food and have it ready to grab and go but can choose what they want depending on the mood. I am the second, I call it buffet style meal prep
  2. Rotisserie chicken! These are $5 or so are the stores. We get one every week. We remove the skin, take it apart and separate out the dark and light meat, I prefer the light and my husband the dark. But this makes it easy to grab a handful and throw it on a salad
  3. Versatile veggies. Things you can cook or eat raw. Peppers are a great go-to for this. I can dip in those little 100 calorie guacamole packs or throw in the oven a roast. I buy a huge thing and slide them all up so they are grab and go. I also love other roastable veggies of course but things you can enjoy different ways are easy.
  4. Frozen fruits and veggies. These are often more or just as nutritious as fresh, just avoid the sauced ones. They are MUCH cheaper than obviously last a lot longer. I LOVE the microwave caulirice, I probably eat it daily in place of rice. I also love a handful of frozen fruit in my shake, especially vanilla.
  5. Alternatives proteins. I am not a huge fan of meat and enjoy eggs as an easy, inexpensive protein. I also love Oikos Triple Zero. It has no fat, added sugar or artificial sweeteners but tastes DELISH!

One thing you will learn as I share my meals: I am pretty efficient and cheap!