I am a recovering binge eater, diet pill addict and yo-yo dieter so I fully understand emotional eating.You have a sad day or a rough day and you come home and you just eat. We joke you have like you know egg whites for breakfast and salad for a lunch and then Reese’s Peanut?butter cups, a Big Mac, and fries for dinner. Emotional eating at its finest.

It is something that I have worked through a lot with my clients and customers, but I fully understand that there is a psychological piece that we are still working on.

I am launching a program based around eating mindset. So it is a program based around emotional eaters and how to not only learn how to eat right but mentally overcome that hurdle so that you can continue to eat right and continue to have a healthy journey and not have a just be a diet.

We are going to have it be part of your journey so you can stick with it in the long term, because emotional eating is such a huge problem for so many of my customers and clients that we have decided to address it and actually have a program based around overcoming these emotional obstacles and the psychological part of eating healthy.

I am super excited to announce that in just you know a few months this will be coming live to all of you guys. And it will something that you will be able to?work through with me as your guide so you will have the program and then you will have me as support on this you know kind of overcoming emotional eating endeavor.

So if you have any questions please let me know I am happy to answer them. I can’t kind of reveal all the details of this program but I did want to let you guys know it is coming because it is something that I have dealt with my whole and something that I have been able to overcome. And so helping others being able to overcome that emotional eating is huge and I think going to be an awesome kind of thing for me to add to my portfolio for my customer.

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