Today?I wanna talk to you about Active?Recovery?and what it is.

Because something I hear from a lot of people, especially, when they start a new workout program is that they are really sore after their first week. They are using?muscles?they haven’t use before or haven’t used in a while and they feel like really, really sore from using those?muscles?and so they are like “I am just gonna take a break. I am just gonna take a day off. I am just gonna sit around for the day.” And honestly that is one of the worst things that you can do for yourself. When your muscles are tight and sore they kind of contracted and they need to stretched and they need to recover.

So, an Active Recovery day is a day where you don’t do a full-blown workout.?Obviously?if you are super sore you don’t wanna be doing a full-blown workout but you wanna recover so that you can start on Monday or whatever day you start like rested and?loosened?and feeling good again.

So, some great Active Recovery options are a Yoga day, a?Pilates?day – obviously low impact – these aren’t like high?intensity?workouts. My program now actually has an Active Recovery workout. It is only 20 minutes and it goes through the slowness and the concentrated moves you need to do in order to actively recover.

Walking is great for active recovery. Light hiking even like a very light jog not a full speed jog. This is like where you are giving I would like to say like if you are giving you know 100% of your maximum effort Monday through Saturday you need to be giving the 50% of your maximum effort on Sundays.

A wonderful active recovery day!

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