#1: You have to exercise to lose weight

“Well, I am injured, I can’t exercise so I can’t lose weight.” I have probably heard this like 10 times in just the past week. The truth is that 80% of weight loss comes from your nutrition – what you eat. So even if you can’t workout you can still lose weight. How awesome is that? Ready to get started and want a free meal plan? Click here.

Myth #2: You can target train.

Nope, You can’t target train. You can actually build the muscle underneath your abs with crunches or you can build your biceps by doing a lot of biceps curls but it still going to be the eating that’s going to take off the fat above it to make those muscles shine through, that’s why they always say ?abs are made in the kitchen?. You can have really strong abs but if they are covered by fat, they are going be physically strong but you are not going be able to see the definition or that 6-pack. You can train that muscle to build but you can’t train that muscle to be shown.

Myth #3: Sugar Free and Fat Free mean better for you.

Honestly, what low fat, low sugar, sugar-free means often times is more chemicals. So in order to take fat out of things and in order to take sugar out of things you have to put in a ton of chemicals. Try to pronounce everything on the back of diet coke can, right? Seriously, it is literally just a can full of chemicals and I am former diet coke addict. I used to drink diet coke, diet Dr Pepper every single morning. I don’t drink coffee so that was kind of like my caffeine zip in the morning to wake me up.
But people don’t realize that in order to take the fat and sugar out, you have to actually add in a bunch of chemicals. So you shouldn’t really be reading labels for the amount of fat and sugar but instead you should be seeing if you can pronounce all the ingredients on the back of a label. If you can?t pronounce the ingredient, it probably isn?t good for you.

Sugar Detox

Too much sugar in your diet? Time to make a change.