Facebook Ads: Who’s your target?

Facebook Ads are an integral part of helping your business and page grow, but there is more to it than just throwing money at it and expecting great results. More and more, I hear from coaches who are frustrated because while they are spending money, they aren’t getting any return. So, before we delve into the HOW of setting up Facebook advertising to be successful, we need to talk about WHO you want to see your ads.

Knowing WHO you want to see your coaching Facebook ad, is your order of business. If you going to target everyone, your results end up targeting almost no one. (Which kind of defeats the whole purpose here.) It’s would be like just throwing a bunch of items at a wall and just hoping something sticks. That’s certainly not your best strategy. Your best strategy is getting focused on who you want to target. Facebook does some amazing things, and your options are endless. You can separate your targets by gender, so just men or just women see your promoted ad. You can target your Facebook ad by age range. You can target your audience by interests, which I love. Say someone shows interest in health and wellness, don’t you want to be sure that if you are paying to promote your coaching page or post that those specific people see what you have to offer? That is just one example of hundreds of interests. People’s interests can be in skin care, network marketing might be the ones that you want to target. Even more, you can get even MORE specific who you want to target. Someone might be interested in Ray Higdan in the network marketing world, or Jillian Michaels in the health and wellness world. If you really think about it, the possibilities are almost endless!!

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Facebook Ads and how to target audiences.

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