How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm Changes – Jillian Kaplan

Today I?m going to talk to you a little bit about the Facebook algorithm. I wanted to come to you today because I?ve done a couple of videos on the Facebook algorithm and I?ve done a lot of research on it and I think I can really help you with these tips.

Facebook Algorithm Changes

Facebook Algorithm Changes

So a lot of you know Facebook changed their algorithm back in July and for a lot of people it?s been kind of difficult to get their footing and understand how the algorithm affects them and make sure that the same number of people are seeing your posts as were seeing them before the algorithm change. So, if you haven?t watched my first video on the Facebook algorithm be sure to go to my videos and check that out:

Today I?m going to give you my top two tips on how to really make the algorithm work in your favor and if you find value at any time you can feel free to use those emojis and show me some love. If you want to share this out, you can totally feel free to share this out or tag a friend you think might really enjoy it.

Here are my best tips: