I have had a bunch of people come to me lately and talked to me about my personal profile vs. my Facebook Business Page. I want to explain a little bit about their pros and cons so if you run an online business this is gonna be super helpful for you.?

So, I would say if you are just starting out your online business and you are limited on time and money, definitely stick with your personal profile. So your personal profile is going to get 8 times more reach than a Facebook fan page.

Last week I did this and I did an experiment. I posted at the same time and the same picture and text on both pages. ?I got 1 like on my business page. On my personal page I posted the same picture with the same caption with the same time and I got 102 likes. So that’s huge difference way more than 8 times the amount.?So, it is important for you realize that when you are just starting out of time and money is limited, probably your personal page is the best bet. If you want more reach on your business page you have to pay to boost posts and do ads.?

Now, there are some huge perks to having a business page. So if you are an online business owner you know on your business page if you click on a post, it will show you the analytics as to who is looking at it, their gender, their age, what country they are from. Kind of who is viewing your stuff. Whereas on your personal page you are just kinda shooting in the dark, right? You are just saying I will see… put this on the wall and see if it sticks, right? You don’t have any analysis or insight.?

So the other thing about a business page is that it takes time. So of course you need to be growing your network on your personal page.?On my personal page I have more friends than likes on my business page but I CAP out at 5,000 friends whereas there is no max or cap on my business page. That is a huge advantage once you cap out on your personal page.?

With?my little bit of extra time that I have in my business, I have been growing my business page. And that’s really helped me with my business but it is important to understand that it takes times. It is not something that happened over night and it takes time, and energy, and not getting discourage when you don’t get likes and you don’t get comments to keep things pushing through and continuing to grow because it takes a lot more time than your personal page because it takes more time to grow.?

The other thing on your business?Page is that if you want to get more reach, and there are 1.8 billion people on Facebook I believe now. so you are competing for news feeds base essentially. In order to get good reach on your fan page, you can run ads. And so that takes time as well as budget. So if you are brand new and you are feeling like you are living pay check and you don’t wanna invest money back into ads right away then a Business Page is not for you. But you can’t actually sponsor or promote anything from your personal page. So it is kind of a benefit for Business Page but you have to realize that it does take time and money to grow.?

So I hope this was helpful. if you guys have any questions let me know. It is really not a black and white answer. What I would say for brand new entrepreneur is if you have extra time get one started and use similar content then what’s on your personal page so that you are not putting a ton of extra time and effort into it. But just start to build it so that when you cap out on your friends list that you have something?s sort of as back up, right? You don’t need to put all your eggs in the Business Page basket. You can just grow your business organically on your personal page and start a fan page for when you need it. If you have no extra time and you are super strapped for cash, then definitely I would just concentrate on your personal page until your business grows a little bit and you have a little bit of extra time and money to put into a fan page. That?s my overall advice for you all.?