I am sharing with you some more of my best organization tips. I know, I shared with you guys that I use something called Streak for my customer relationship management system. It’s a great free system that’s part of Gmail. And today I am gonna share with you really how I stay organized.

So, I use something called Google Drive which if you go to the 9 dots in the top right corner of Gmail, you will see Drive. And there is my Google Drive associated with my Gmail. And you will see all the?folders there and you can organize everything by folders. It is another totally free service. I literally have no idea what I would do without it. I can give people edit or read only access ad it allows my team to have look into everything I am doing. There are no secrets.

Google Drive is easy to find and use

Google Drive is easy to find and use

I have my team documents, so these are all the documents that I share with my entire downline and I share my brain in here so I don’t lose anything

My email capture which is how I capture emails on my website. So, when people signup for my free clean eating plan this is where they go.

My personal documents – this is where I like my pictures are, you know, my statistics all that sort of stuff that I keep.

My?fund raising stuff which is like how I raise money and helpsa lot of different dog rescues and how I raise money.

My business information – so all my like taxes and my expenses and all that sort of stuff is in here.

I also keep all my forms and responses to that forms in drive. My applications and my forms that I send to people so that I can learn about them and they can learn about the business.

Want to see what I use to help my team the most: