I know I shared with you guys that I use something called Streak for my customer relationship management system, a great free system that?s part of Gmail. Well this is how I stay organized.


The BEST Tool to Stay Organized

And today I?m going to share with you really how I stay organized. I use something called Google Drive, which if you go?to the nine dots at the top of your gmail you will see something called drive. And this is my Google Drive associated with my Gmail. And you?ll see all of these folders here, and you can organize everything by folders. And so I have my team documents, so these are all the documents that I share with my entire downline, and I share my brain in here. Email capture, which is how I capture emails on my website, so when people sign up for my free clean eating plan this is where they go. My personal documents, so this is where my pictures are, you know my statistics, all that sort of stuff that I keep.

My?fundraising stuff, which is how I raise money, I help a lot of different rescues, so how I raise money. My business information, so all my taxes and my expenses and all that sort of stuff is in here. And then I have this stuff outwardly if you will. It?s part of Google Drive but it?s a form so my forms are sort of out here and these are the responses that come in. So my applications and my forms that I send, new coaches on my team, my discount coaches, my regular coaches, so that they know what they?re signing up for, and I can capture their information and understand their needs and their wants and their desires, so it?s? kind of like a two way street, I can learn about them and they can learn about the business.

So this is really what I use to help my team the most. This is where I keep my brain, so my favorite personal development books, my favorite ways to invite people and how to invite people, and my scripts. All of my group information is in here, so I have outlines for free groups or paid groups, how to be a product of a product, transformation pictures, information on specific programs, I keep my internship and new coach in training information, my newsletters are all in here in case someone wants to use them to create their own newsletter. I keep mini workouts, my meal plans, if I run coach groups, so push groups, push to diamond, push to emerald, all that kind of stuff is in the coach groups, social media information, conversation and posting templates, so all my conversation templates are in here.

I also keep my call recording, so we do team calls every single month, so I upload those to Youtube and I keep them in a spreadsheet in here, so that people can easily access if they can?t make it on time all of our call recordings. Our team calendar, which is like my bible, every single month I run a calendar a very specific way.

Want to see me demo Google Drive and how it works?