I have had the worst year of my life but I am feeling extra thankful this year.

I miscarried, was treated like garbage by a dog rescue I dedicated my heart and soul to, had a 7 week period where I worked 90+ hours a week and then almost lost my life when I got hit by a car crossing a crosswalk.

All of these things could make me SO NOT thankful for a terrible year but I am thankful I am even here to write this blog. There is never any guarantee you are given another day, week, month or year. Be thankful for the time that you do have because we are never guaranteed tomorrow. I hate to put it on hot and heavy like that but having a near death experience has changed me.

I know that things can CHANGE in an instant. My year was not going great even before the accident but that was sort of the final straw. But you know what? All of these crappy things have made me a better person, wife and coach.

I had two choices when life got hard, run away or STAND UP AND FIGHT. They are both hard but you have to choose your hard. I chose to stand up and fight and never once have felt bad for myself. But instead, I am thankful that I have all that I have.

I feel SO lucky that I took care of myself before the accident. My body in turn took care of me. I am literally a walking miracle. I went from a girl they weren’t sure would survive, have brain damage or even walk again, I am back and working out. I am THANKING my body for taking care of me by continuing to take care of it.

Today, I am thankful. Everyday I am thankful.

I got extensions and I feel like a whole person again!

I got extensions and I feel like a whole person again!