I am ready to FIGHT FOR IT and take my health back. I got the box of stuff for the first program I am planning to complete since my accident. I want to share with you what was in that box; because, a lot of people don’t really know what comes when you get a new program. It’s an amazing VALUE!

I actually did open the physical box. But I am gonna show what you can get with this program. So, if you have health and fitness goals that you are trying to reach before the New Year, drop a one into the comment if you wanna make a Year End Resolution with me and not a New Year Resolution, right?

Check out my results so far!

Check out my results so far!

So, the program is called, Core De Force.

-I have my workout DVDs (which I can also steam online) for a total of 12 workouts

-Quick Start Guide that goes through how to take your measurements, how to dive into the eating plan, what we are about to start with and then a bunch of tips.

-Workout Calendar, I actually have three calendars: a 30-day Traditional?Calendar, a 30-day hybrid calendar if you want to do with on-demand Hybrid so you wanna do Core De Force and on-demand programs as a hybrid. And then there is a 30-day Deluxe Schedule so that if you have the Deluxe workouts.

Don’t forget to take your measurements! Beachbody does this cool thing where if you enter your results no matter what they are, if you gain weight, if you didn’t loose weight, if you gain inches whatever they are, if you enter your results your before and after pictures, your before and after measurements, your before and after weight and a little bit about the program, you get a FREE t-shirt or?tank top for completing the program. TOTALLY FREE. You DON’T have to enter any credit card info, any shipping and handling. So they really are committed to getting people results and sharing those results.

Want to see what else is in the box?