Are you a first time mom? If you were anything like me you were SO OVERWHELMED with the amount of baby stuff out there. What was needed and what really was just extra stuff? I also HATE extra stuff and clutter. I knew with a baby that there was going to be extra stuff so I didn’t want extra, extra stuff if you get my drift.

I am going to share with you the things that I use EVERYDAY and I don’t know how I would live without. There is the obvious like diapers, wipes, clothes, car seat, crib etc. But there is a WORLD of other stuff out there so I will try to narrow it down for you 🙂 AND I did a lot of shopping around, I am a total bargain shopper and honestly the BEST prices (even with coupons) are at Amazon so I will include the links 🙂

  1. Ubbi Diaper Pail, you might thing it’s ABSURD to spend $80 on a diaper pail but I promise you it’s worth it. I have two dogs who get into EVERYTHING and they haven’t touched this because it doesn’t smell at all! Plus it has a small foot print so fits most anywhere

    Ubbi Pail.


    2. Butt Spatula, yep this is a thing I didn’t not existed. To prevent diaper rash (we haven’t had any 3.5 months in!) we don’t use wipes after pee only and we use this to apple vaseline or aquaphor as it creates a barrier without making a mess

  2. Butt Spatula

    3. SnuggleMe Mattress We did not share a bed but we did sleep with out daughter in the room for the first 3 months. This thing was WORTH EVERY PENNY and helped her sleep snuggled in. She did not sleep AT ALL in the hospital so we were super worried when we got home but this made ALL the difference. When she outgrew it, we just removed it and it made the transition to a regular bassinet and then a crib nice and easy


    4. Sleepsacks/Velcro Swaddles ?We loved these because they could go from swaddle to arms out without needing to buy new ones, which is GREAT plus they velcro which just makes life SO MUCH EASIER!

    Halo Swaddle Sack

    5. Ergo Baby with Newborn Insert?This is another item that is WORTH EVERY PENNY. It’s great for walking but it’s also great to strap a fussy baby on around the house and get stuff done 🙂

    Ergo Baby 360


    6. Snap and Go Stroller ?We didn’t get one of these originally we just got the big jogging stroller (also a must, that’s next) but this generic stroller fits most any car seat and is super light and easy to use. It makes running errands with the baby EASY!

    Snap N Go

7. Chico Activ3 Stroller You?will also need an outdoor stroller if you like to walk and anywhere but a mall. We did a TON of research and this was our fave. It snaps it a car seat for when they are infants and converts so they can sit up when they are toddlers! PLUS it doesn’t require tire maintenance which is KEY!

Chicco Activ3

8. Towel Hoodies These are AMAZING after a bath?so stock up on them because you will need more than you think!

Towel Hoodies!

9. Diaper Organizer this just keeps things tidy and easy! You can hang it off the changing table or we have it on our?Pack and Play where we do most of our changing

Keeping things tidy with this organizer

10. A Functional Diaper Bag I got a super cute bag that I use for my pumping bag?but this thing is SUPER functional AND my husband will cary it around without issue! Score!

Fisher Price Diaper Bag

BONUS get yourself a glider/rocker/swing these are tough because you have NO Idea what your baby will like. Our baby LOVES a simple Rock and Play and also this Plug In Gliding Swing.

I am all about simplicity and bargains but there are just a few items I splurged on and I AM GLAD I DID!

PS want some FREE STUFF, check out my blog post on how to grab all the FREE stuff for Moms:?