What is ready for FITMAS IN AUGUST?!

I am excited to announce my FIRST EVER Flash Sale. What is it? It’s ONLY open to my team’s customers so think of it like a VIP shopping experience 😉
We will be sharing new products DAILY, how and WHY we use them, why we think YOU will love them, and giving away AMAZING GIFT CARDS/PRIZES for ANYONE who purchases while IN THIS GROUP! It is not a drawing, if you purchase you get an Amazon gift card, it’s THAT simple!

Just a few of the products that you’ll see in here include our fitness programs, our favorite shakes, supplements to enhance workout performance, cleanses, children’s supplements, snack bars, and programs focused solely on food!

We are THRILLED to be bringing this to you beginning AUGUST 12th!! How will it work?
-Group will run for 8 days and feature a new program or product everyday
-There will be 3 posts a day from different people about each product/program the FIRST post will the post you RING THE BELL if you decide to purchase.

You do not need to be on there at ANY specific time, you can check in on your own time 🙂 Want to join? Click here 🙂